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Barn Swallow Endangered Species Tee

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Barn Swallow
Color:Barn Swallow

Endangered Species Collection 2024

Remaining population: 1.4m

There are many threats to the Barn Swallow, including a loss of prey (insects), climate change, and a loss of nesting sites.

The Barn Swallow is an insectivore, meaning it eats insects through its entire life. The lack of available prey may be contributing to the decline on Barn Swallow numbers - a decline that's seen in flying insectivore populations. Climate change is affecting the swallows by causing weather events and changes that put them at risk. The include things like hurricanes and cold snaps, and are even bigger risk for Barn Swallows who migrate over longer distances. 

Barn Swallows are losing nesting sites since modern building don't have suitable surfaces for building on. 

30% of this collection sales will be donated to NATURE CANADA.

All packaging is 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable.